Our conferences and retreats help us regain focus, provide fellowship and generally encourage us in ministry. They are designed to assist each person in their spiritual journey of walking with our Lord Jesus Christ and encouraging us in our ministry to others. Please join us for these spiritually-enriching times.

Fall Conference

Date: November 6, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Don Davis
Topic: I Can See Clearly Now: Seeking First God's Kingdom
Location: Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Wichita

Our perspective determines both the quality and meaning of the situations we encounter in life, and our responses to the events and happenings, whether they be positive or difficult.  As followers of Jesus Christ, we have been gifted with the Holy Spirit, who equips and transforms our hearts and minds to be conformed to the mind of Christ. As our comforter and teacher, He establishes within us the mind of Christ so we may represent Christ in the roles and relationship we manage within our life circles. As those who anchor their entire lives on the person and work of Christ, we must strive to see things as God does through his eyes, and respond with courage and faith.

The conference is open to everyone: men and women, couples and singles, teenagers to retirees. Please join us Saturday, November 6. Please bring your Bible, notebook and friends!